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FAQ's-Cooking Caravan

  • How do I know which group I could compete in?

This is the city of your current city of permanent residence

  • Is it a required recipe or the choice is free?

Free choice on the MAGGI website

  • Will the caravan take place everywhere?

In 5 regions for the cities of: Garoua, Bertoua, Bafoussam, Yaoundé, Doualaor my city take place?

  • Is the competition done by region or is it national?

By region

  • When will the selection in my region

Garoua (March), Bertoua (April), Bafoussam (May), Yaoundé (June), Douala (October)

  • In case I am selected, who will cover the expenses of my trip

MAGGI as well as your accommodation-

  • How can I know that I was selected?

You will be contacted on your phone number

  • How many days will the competition lasts?

1 day, but you will have 3 days of activities and leisure with MAGGI

  • Can we come with someone during the trip?

Yes, but at the expense of the person, MAGGI only covers your costs

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